Bluw Racing Grannies
Bluw Racing GranniesBluw Racing GranniesBluw Racing Grannies

Bluw Racing Grannies


(as of 04/14/2015 at 04:31 UTC)

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Product Description

Just wind up our Racing Grannies and watch them go. Whether racing to the buffet table or chasing after a younger man, these venerable vixens really know how to move. Not necessarily the prettiest pair of sagging seniors, the Racing Grannies are sure to entertain.


  • Just wind them and watch them tear off not the sexiest twins you have ever seen but they are certainly the most mature
  • Two wind up toys of Racing Grannies in one pack
  • Novelty gift for all
  • Thanks to the Racing Grannies, you get a glimpse of how funny would it be to spike your Nans tea with some guarana

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